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Cross Training For Runners

2022 Guide to Accessories You Don’t Need But Absolutely Want

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If you run professionally or are a casual runner, having the right gear is critical to making your running experience comfortable and fun. As a runner, you are good to go with basic running gear and accessories like running shoes, light clothes, and a watch. 

However, there are accessories you probably feel you want to have to better your experience even when you may not necessarily need them. This post highlights some of these accessories and how they can help to improve your running experience.

Polyester Clothing

Every runner knows that wearing as lightly as possible is important for the best performance. Any t-shirt and a pair of light pants are good enough if you are a casual runner. But if you want the best running comfort, you should consider getting a polyester running kit. 

Polyester is quick at wicking sweat, thus preventing rashes from damp skin for an extended period, and helps produce a cooling effect as the sweat evaporates. So if feeling overly hot while running is one of the challenges you are having, investing in polyester running gear can help solve that for you. 

Here’s the full guide to proper running gear.

Jogging Headphones

Many athletes love practicing while listening to music because it helps enhance physical performance by deflecting their attention from the strain on their body when exercising. 

When choosing running headphones, you want to avoid earphones that cover your ears entirely, as they can make you feel uncomfortable because of the heat. 

The most effective running earphones are bone-conducting earphones. They may not offer the best audio experience, but they help keep your ears free to hear the ambient noise in your surroundings and avoid the sweating that comes with covering your ears. 

Compression Socks

Lately, it is pretty common to see professional and amateur runners don compression socks. Traditionally, compression socks were used to treat vein thrombosis. In athletics circles, compression socks are used as a way of improving venous return and thus improving muscle recovery. 

Studies show that compression socks prevent blood pooling in the calf’s veins, thus helping alleviate the onset of muscle soreness and boosting endurance and performance. Not all athletes use compression socks for running; others prefer to use them after practice to fasten muscle healing. It’s important that you invest in high-quality compression socks for them to benefit you.

High-Performance Sunglasses

You probably have seen other professional runners or athletes wear sunglasses during competitions or practice. Sunglasses for athletes are not all about looking cool. 

There are several reasons why you would want to wear them too. First, sunglasses help block harmful UV rays from reaching your eyes, thus reducing eye strain and fatigue when you have to stay in the sun for a relatively long time. 

Also, sunglass helps prevent debris from getting in your eyes which can compromise your performance, especially when participating in competitive sports. But, not all sunglasses are suited for the active person. Your best option will be to invest in some quality athletic sunglasses designed with sports activities in mind. 

Running Hats 

Like sunglasses, running hats protect your eyes and face from harmful UV rays, especially when you have to spend many hours in the sun. Besides protecting you from the sun, a running cap can also come in handy when running in rainy weather as it can help prevent rain from getting in your eyes. 

When choosing a running cap, there are several things you may want to look out for, with the first being a comfortable fit. Also, it should be breathable to avoid retaining heat and sweat when running in hot weather. 

Caps with a bendable brim are better at shielding the eyes from the sun, so you should consider that too. If you enjoy your runs in the wee hours of the morning or evening, you may want to consider a reflective cap for improved visibility.

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