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Useful Tips for New Runners on Buying Their First Shoes

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It doesn’t matter whether you are preparing yourself for an important race, or you simply want to get into shape, finding the right shoes is crucial. Now, at times, this whole process can be a bit overwhelming, due to the fact that there isn’t a single shoe that fits everyone.

That’s precisely why finding the right one can be daunting, but don’t worry. We’ve done some research, and revealed some useful information that we’ve decided to share with you, to help you find the perfect match.

Effective Tricks To Help You Pick The Best Running Shoes

Are You In Any Pain?

First things first, let’s resolve this issue. If you’ve been feeling any type of back or foot pain, then you must carefully approach this process. For instance, back pain can truly be very uncomfortable, and sometimes even debilitating.

Therefore, you must focus on finding something that’s going to alleviate it. Now, you can check best running shoes for back pain here to see what pair will help you deal with your back pain. The right pair of shoes can really make a difference, hence, choose wisely.

On the other hand, if you’re dealing with foot pain (also known as plantar fasciitis which affects one in every ten adults), then you should buy comfortable running shoes to decrease the pain. According to some reviews that we found online, the best shoe for this type of problem is the Brooks Ghost 14. So give it a try to see how it works.

What Surface Will You Be Running On?

If you’re mostly running on pavements, then you should purchase road shoes. Namely, these types of running shoes will offer shock absorption to decrease the chances of experiencing any injuries.

On the other hand, if you are running through muddy trails, then trail shoes that come with a deep tread are a great option. They provide great ankle support and grip. Additionally, if you are doing both, then it would be recommendable to acquire hybrid running shoes. They are perfect for both roads.

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More Helpful Advice Coming Your Way

Shoes Must Fit Properly

We cannot stress enough how crucial this is. Now, there are some factors you need to look out for. There must be a thumb’s width of space between the end of your shoe and your toe to stop your toes from striking the end when you are running downhill.

Keep in mind, that there must be enough space in the toe area to enable you to move your toes normally in the shoe. On the other hand, it mustn’t be too roomy, otherwise, your shoe will feel too sloppy on your feet. 

Let’s Not Forget Socks

Although this may sound a bit weird, the thickness of your socks can make a huge difference when it comes to the feel and fit of your running shoes. Therefore, you should always bring the socks you plan to run in when you’re trying out the shoes. 

As it was stated in the beginning, finding the right pair of running shoes is not as easy as it may appear to be, however, with the help of these tips, you’ll be able to spot the best ones right off the bat.

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