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Usain Bolt Top Speed – How Fast Can He Run?

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Curious about Usain bolt top speed? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade, then you already know that Usain Bolt is the undisputed king of the sprinting world in recent times. The man runs and runs extremely fast.

In this article, I’ll explain how fast can Usain Bolt’run, records, training regime and compare his speed to other creatures.

Sounds great?

Let’s get started.

Who is Usain Bolt?

The legendary Jamaican runner’s Usain bolt retired officially in 2017 and still holds the title of the fastest human alive.

The legend gained fame for double sprint conquest in world record times at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, making him the first to claim both world records since fully automatic time became the norm.

Bolt is widely considered to be the greatest sprinter of all time. He’s the world record holder in the 100 meters, 200 meters, and 4 X 100 meters relay (more on this later).

Usain Bolt Top Speed  

At this time of writing this, the world records for men’s 100m, 200m sprints still belong to Usain Bolt – 9.58 and 19.19 seconds, respectively. He was also a part of the 4X100m world record.

Usain Bolt’s 100m World Record

Usain Bolt didn’t just break the 100m world record one time, but he did it three times between 2008 and 2009.

At the age of 21, Bolt broke his fellow countryman Asafa Powell’s WR of 9.74. Then, in May 2008, Bolt crossed the finish line at a time of 9.72, smashing his previous world record. Then a few months later, Bolt improved his timing to 9.69 in the 2008 Olympics.

Then at the 2009 IAAF world Championship, Bolt established the current world for the 100 meters at 9.58 seconds. During the record-breaking race, Bolt’s average ground speed was about 37.5 km/h, topping on at 44.71 km/h in the 60-80-meter stretch.

Bolt’s 200m Records

Though the 100m sprint made Bolt a superstar, the Jamaican’s favorite race was the 200m.

Like in the 100m, the Jamaican runner established the 200m WR in the 2009 WC in Berlin. Bolt ran 19.19 seconds over the distance and was able to clip 0.02 seconds off the previous world record that belonged to Johnsons.

The 400M Relays

Jamaican teams over recent times have completely dominated the 4 X 100-m relay race, and Bolt has helped greatly in their victory.

Bolt has assisted the Jamaican team in winning three 4 X 100 meters relay world records with the current WR at 36.84 seconds set in 2012, sharing it with Michael Frater, Nesta Carter, and Yohan Blake.

How To Run Like Usain Bolt

So what makes Usain Bolt so fast? And most importantly, what can you learn from him?

To run like Usain Bolt, you’ll need to be strong, tall, and of Western African descent.

Many things determine a runner speed, but the three most important variables are the following:

  • Your physiology
  • Your running technique
  • Your training

Let’s briefly explain each.

Your Physiology

Physiology refers to one’s innate ability to generate speed, maintain endurance, or both.

A large percentage of sprinting ability is determined by genetics. For example, research has reported that runners with a higher percentage of fast-twitch muscle fibers —around 75 percent—at birth possess a higher speed potential than those with more endurance slow-twitch fiber.

When you have more fast-twitch muscle fibers, you’ll be able to produce greater power, force, and movement speed.

But, all in all, with the right training and technique, it’s always possible to improve running speed.

Your Technique

Although running is one of the most convenient of all sports, sprinting tends to be more technique-oriented. It’s just not about putting one foot in front of the other.

Here are some common sprinting form traits to develop:

  • Footstrike – Aim to land on the forefoot or mid-foot as these positions tend to be more efficient for speed than landing on the heels.
  • Good posture – Keep your head upright and in line with your body, shoulders down, and relaxed.
  • Engage – Activate your core muscles and keep your back straight. Power comes from the core—not just your legs.
  • Arms – keep your arms loose and relaxed at right angles while pumping your hands to shoulder level to drive them forward.
  • Heels – your heels should come off the ground in high arcs by almost kicking your bottom before traveling through to the front.

Sprint Training

Even if you’ve great “sprinting genes,” you’ll need the right training regiment to help express your innate ability. Hard work may beat talent, but nothing beats talent that works hard—this could be the case with Usain Bolt, as he’s known to be one of the most disciplined athletes that have ever lived.

The Sprinting part

To improve your running speed, you should be spending a lot of time running fast. Practice, after all, makes perfect.

For the full guide to Olympic sprinting, check my guide here.

Weight Training

Sprinters also need robust muscles to help propel them forward as fast as possible. That’s where resistance training can help.

Some of the best exercises to help you improve speed and power include:

  • Power cleans
  • Sled push
  • Barbell lunges
  • Romanian deadlift
  • Hanging leg raises
  • Lying leg raises
  • Side-plank clams
  • Cable knee drives
  • Explosive Barbell Step-Ups
  • Bunny hops
  • Box jumps
  • Bounds
  • Sled Drag

Is Usain bolt Faster Than a Cheetah?

 Although Bolt holds the title of the fastest man alive, he’s still a man. The Jamaican runner is no match for a number of animals, both domestic and wild.

Bolt’s top speed, according to XXX, was recorded at 27.8 miles per hour over 100m. This doesn’t compare favorably to animals’ speed.

The truth is, in a race against most land animals, the Jamaican runner wouldn’t stand a chance.

For example, a cheetah, the fastest land animal, can reach 70 miles per hour. This would be roughly 45 miles per hour faster than Usain top speed of 23.5 mph. in fact, the fastest Elephant is only somewhat faster than the Jamaican runner, attaining speeds of 25 mph.


Animal Speed(mph)
Cheetah 70.00
Pronghorn antelope 61.00
Lion 50.00
Thomson’s gazelle 50.00
Wildebeest 50.00
Quarter horse 47.50
Gray fox 42.00
Hyena 40.00
Ostrich 40.00
Zebra 40.00
Greyhound 39.35
Jackal 35.00
Rabbit (domestic) 35.00
Giraffe 32.00
Cat (domestic) 30.00
Kangaroo 30.00
Warthog 30.00
Elephant 25.00
Usain Bolt 23.50
Black mamba snake 20.00
Squirrel 12.00
Pig (domestic) 11.00
Chicken 9.00
House mouse 8.00

 See, even at his fast, Bolt’s speed isn’t good enough.

Usain Bolt Top Speed – The Conclusion

There you have it! If you’re curious about Usain Bolt top speed, then today’s article has you covered. The rest is just details.

Please feel free to leave your comments and questions below.

Have a great day.

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