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Cross Training For Runners

The 7 Best Colleges with the Best Running Programs

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After elementary education in schools, college is the vital turning point in the life of a student. At this stage, people choose their subject, which leads them to their professional careers. We can see many colleges and schools in our communities, but it is damn hard to choose the right one.

It is just as difficult to choose the best paper writing service that can help you rewrite essay online or write one instead of you. Having reliable essay writers available at any moment is vital to one’s success in college. This way, students can ensure they don’t lag on their assignments and keep receiving good grades even if they dedicate all their free time to something else.


Many popular colleges are offering running programs. But before selecting the college, you need to decide the program in which you want to enroll. It will help you to lead towards the right choice.

When you search for the best college, keep in mind the performance rate of colleges in national competitions, their course work, and the ranking of running programs. Some colleges also provide facilities to write papers for college students. Another important thing is the care, quality, and experience of coaches working in the colleges.

7 Best Colleges with the Best Running Programs

In the following list, we have described seven colleges that are offering the best running programs.

1- University of Washington

The famous university is located in Seattle, Washington, with the perfect climate for running programs. There are so many tracks near the campus for running that if a student tries different running paths daily, the track will not repeat in a week. A Burke-Gilman Trail with total distance lies a marathon track, and it is directly accessed from the main campus.

Anyone can approach the running club if they submit their liability forms. They also offer an online schedule that anyone can join through proper procedure. Well-trained and experienced coaches guide the runners.

2- Harvard University

This beautiful campus is located in Cambridge. It is a well-known institution with an excellent academic reputation. Different tracks are created around the river that gives an amazing opportunity to runners by offering different distances. Fresh Pond and Danehy Park are also famous for running tracks.

Most undergraduate students are found in the running club of the university. But the grad students can also join the club. The club offers six practice plans every week that you can choose according to your schedule.

3- University of Cincinnati

University is located in a dream city, Cincinnati, Ohio. It is the dream place for runners. The river of Ohio provides the best route with a new view that has an amazing impact on runners.

The Botanical Gardens and Eden Park are the best options for running. But these two points are not as worthy as the river route. The university has one of the best running clubs among all universities. The club is open for everyone. The UC running club organizes five events of NIRCA.

4- Georgetown University

There are plenty of running tracks around the city and university, due to which the city took top place in the fittest city of 2016 of the United States. It is the best school in America for running that has a 200-meter long three-lane track. There are a lot of connections through walking tracks that connect one place to another. There is a track of 2.5 miles that you need to cover from the university campus to the building of the white house.

If you love running, you can join the club. There is a very simple procedure to get entry into the club by completing the club traveling form. The entry form is available on the university website.

5- Columbia University

The university is located in great New York City. It is the best runner-friendly place in America. Amazing tracks with beautiful scenery amused the runners. The area of the university connects the students with Riverside Park, Morningside Park, and Central Park. The university’s running club has road runners that regularly join group running with graduates and undergraduate runners.


It is located in Los Angeles and has three gardens that provide beautiful flowery routes to runners. The university magazine has published two courses for running on the campus. These are night routes that have 3.5 miles long-distance and a perimeter route of 3.9 miles distance. The university has a well-established running club.

7- North Carolina State

University is based in Raleigh, North Carolina, specializing in sweet tea, hot dogs, and a brewing scene that mesmerizes the viewers. The city itself has 70 + miles long greenway tracks. The XC club of North Carolina and track club are appropriately established and allow all runners to join the club membership. Five practices in a week are planned at evening time manageable for the students and other runners.


We have explained some best colleges that may help you to find the right one. We also suggest you visit colleges by yourself. Meet with the management team of the college and coaches. Ask the students already studying there who are graduates who get their degree from college. These tricks will help you to make the right decision. You must also be aware that one program that suits your fellow or friend can be challenging for you and may cause injury. It is not necessary that if something is better for another person, also better for you. You should take time, focus on your needs, take suggestions from your elders, and decide.

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