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Common Diets that May Aid Weight Loss 

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**This is a guest post by my friend Naileth Ariza Barrera**

High-calorie, ultra-processed foods are easy to overconsume. These kinds of foods are sweet, delicious, and not satisfying, but they are also low in nutrients. Medical experts have discovered that eating high-calorie foods increases a person’s chance of contracting deadly illnesses of the kidney and heart. Medical research also highlighted that overweight and obese people have an increased chance of suffering from these illnesses if they don’t reduce their calorie consumption and eliminate excess body fat.

Fixing the Obesity Epidemic

Reducing calorie consumption and getting rid of body fat is not as easy in reality as it is in theory. One of the best methods of achieving this is by being on a calorie-restricted diet. Unlike exercise, dieting can be incorporated into a hectic schedule. When combined with adjustable gastric balloons, diets can reduce calorie consumption and help you burn excess body fat much faster. Here are healthy foods diets you should consider if you are fat.

Dash Diet

Every food diet has what it’s designed to accomplish in the body. Nutritionists created the dash diet to improve blood circulation and stop hypertension. To achieve this, the diet helps reduce the amount of sodium intake in the body. The diet is prepared with lots of vegetables and fruits.

Fruit Diets

Packed with minerals and vitamins, fruit dieting is one of the best ways of reducing calorie consumption. When fruit dieting, no amount of fruit consumption is excessive as long as you don’t get any stomach problems. Fresh fruits are more advisable for fruit dieting when compared to dried fruits.

Water Diet

Water should be your best friend when looking to burn a large amount of body fat. Water contains zero calories which makes it the perfect liquid for fatty people. Regular consumption of water, at least 15 cups daily, has proven effective in burning excess body fat. To effectively carry out a water diet, the person will need a lot of discipline and determination. Drinking a glass of water before you sleep at night and after you wake in the morning is also advisable.

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Zero Or Low Carb Diet

This type of diet is mainly for those who like eating seafood. In this diet, you substitute carbs with highly proteinous foods like fish; if you eat carbs, it must be limited to 60g daily. According to a medical review published in 2015, a low-carb diet proved effective in burning a large percentage of body fat.


Abstaining from edibles for a certain period during the day is one of the most effective diets for fat people. The trick behind this diet is when you become hungry and in need of energy, the body begins to burn excess fat to convert them to energy. This should be practiced once a week as the body needs other nutrients to survive and stay healthy. However, if you can’t wholly stay without food and water, you can opt for water fasting, where you can only drink water without eating.

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Gastric balloon is your solution

If you don’t want any specific diet, you can simply opt for a gastric balloon system. These systems make it impossible for you to eat irrespective of the food selection. You may experience some stomach problems after getting the gastric balloon. In this case, consult your doctor.

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