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Avoalre Running Socks Full Review

3 Mins read

Although most runners go through a long process before deciding to buy a pair of running shoes, most will likely devote a few seconds to sock selection.

But that’s a big mistake since the humble running sock plays a vital role in keeping your feet dry, warm, and comfortable. In fact, your socks are just as important as the rest of your running kit.

Proper running socks function as a barrier between your foot and the shoe—think of them as a foot shield. Not only does this help prevent blisters and keep your feet happy and dry, but it’ll also make your whole training just feel right.

For these reasons—and some more—in today’s post, I wanted to share the full review of one of my favorite sports socks—Avoalre.

Last month I received a package of running socks to try out. The socks made it to my home in Bali in a good state and very reliable box protecting the items inside.

After trying them for a few days, even on a long hike to Gunung Padang, I must say that I’m impressed. In fact, these Avoalre socks have become some of my favorite exercise socks to road running in, going to the gym, or while hiking.

They’re comfortable to wear, really easy on the feet, and don’t slip when you take your shoes.

So what is Avoalre running socks, and what’s so special about them?

Keep on reading for the answers.

Avoalre Explained

Avoalre is an activewear brand that’s becoming increasingly popular in running and cycling circles for its reliable lineup of high-performance products.

The company focuses on making premium fitness gear at affordable prices. Between exercise socks, yoga mats, sunglasses, and other items, Avoalre has plenty of products for every fitness enthusiast out there. You can read more about Avolare here.

But overall, Avoalre has some of the best running socks around. Though most brands focus on the designs and look without paying much attention to the actual fabric or the customer’s comfort, Avolare socks cover all bases: design, look, materials, you name it.

As a result, if you’re looking to buy new running socks, here are some reasons why you should go for Avoalre’s socks over any other brand in the running market.

Sounds great?

Let’s lace up and dig in.

Moisture Wicking Technology

One thing that runners hate about their socks is the smell.

Fortunately, Avoalre sports socks got you covered. These socks are made with high-performance moisture control and fast-to-dry CoolMax fiber, which can move moistures away from your skin surface. So your feet may still be dry and comfortable after a 15-mile run in wet weather.

This can help reduce your risk of blisters and stop your feet from smelling bad.


Run often in hot weather? Then your socks should be super breathable to help prevent your feet from overheating.

One of the most important features of a good running sock is its breathability. Socks that aren’t breathable are going to create blisters.

That’s where Avoalre socks can help.

These socks are designed with mesh ventilation construction to promote and improve airflow within the fabric. According to the company, mesh ventilation provides 30 percent more breathability than most other running socks.

Greater Resistance To Wear & Tear

Avoalre sports socks are made with durable materials that can take a beating.

Made with over 30 percent nylon, Avoalre socks are more resilient than many other running socks. According to the company, the lifespan of these running socks is roughly three times other socks.

What’s more?

The unisex variety is made for everyday use for any activity, such as walking, running, standing, hiding, playing tennis, working, etc.

Can Be Multipurpose

Although I mainly use Avoalre socks while running, they’re suitable for different activities such as walking, hiking, playing tennis, and even be used on everyday mundane activities.

Super Comfortable

According to my experience, the fit sets Avolare socks from any other brand in the market.

The socks fit perfectly and ensure everything stays in place in your shoes while logging the miles.

The brand offers plenty of choices of sizes, so you’re guaranteed to find the right fit for you.

What’s more?

Avoalre running socks are designed with right and left labels, which offer a more customized and personalized fit that provides better comfort and support to each foot.

Different Color Designs

Avoalre athletic socks come in two color designs: grey with white and black with grey, and four different sizes:

  • S 35-38
  • M 39-42
  • L (43-46)
  • XL (47-50)

I wear size nine, so I went with a large size, and the socks were snug and fit, really, well.

The Price

Sure, Avoalre socks are pricier than the cheapest running socks, but they’re not going to break your bank. Instead, I think it’s worth paying the extra buck for a pair of socks that’s reliable and fit well, even with repeated use.

When it comes to price, Avoalre socks are within the mid-price, affordable range, which is what I almost always recommend for socks.

Starting at $19.99 for three pairs, I’d consider Avoalre socks one of the upper end of what I’d normally consider, which works fine for me.

So what are you waiting for?

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Thanks for stopping by.

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