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What is The Ethical Dilemma for Student Runners?

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Athletes face ethical dilemmas a lot; this is where they have to weigh between moral necessities. Since running is a competition, many student-athletes start thinking that it is every person by themselves. Some weigh their ethical dilemma wrongly and end up messing things up, but some handle them well and save themselves a lot of trouble. What is a moral dilemma? And what is the importance of an ethical dilemma?

Being a student runner requires a lot of commitment and hard work; balancing between this sport and learning is not easy, which lands a lot of students in ethical dilemmas. Through research and online free essay examples, ethical dilemmas from we have made this article that will shine a light on student runners’ moral dilemmas. Hence follow along as we unfold this exciting and informative topic.

What is an ethical dilemma?

An ethical dilemma is a situation that makes you choose something which goes against your beliefs and values. They happen to almost everyone, from a teacher to a student and parents.

An example of an ethical dilemma is choosing between going to practice or going to class. Ethical dilemmas are caused mainly by two reasons:

  1. Fear that you might be competing at a disadvantage
  2. The desire of gaining an advantage over the other players

Ethical dilemmas can also be defined as a problem without an acceptable resolution.

What is the importance of an ethical dilemma among runners?

Ethical dilemmas are essential because they help student runners act rationally before attempting to make any decision.

When you face an ethical dilemma, your mind is forced to think critically to solve the problem. Hence ethical dilemmas also boost the critical thinking of athletes to make good choices both on the field and off the field.

Ethical dilemmas help raise discussions among runners regarding different issues to come up with a good solution. Since an ethical dilemma is a problem without an acceptable resolution, many people have different views about various dilemmas, but others are more rational. Through this process, runners can communicate and share opinions leading to bonding and mutual respect.

What are some ethical dilemmas faced by student runners

One of the most significant issues about sports participants in the university is balancing education and practice. Runners are not different; most of them have a hard time going to class after hitting the track early in the morning, while some stress out about evening tracks that correspond to class hours.

A student caught up in such a dilemma might be tempted to skip morning classes to hit the track, while another student might decide to skip morning track time to concentrate better in class. Both decisions are rational, but both have different impacts both on-track performance and class performance.

Another ethical dilemma is faking an injury; some student runners might find track running to be quite tiresome, then they get tempted to fake an injury. Faking an injury goes beyond many people’s ethical beliefs, but some might perceive it as their only way out of track training in and out of campus.

Performance-enhancing drugs cause ethical dilemmas for a lot of students. I mean, taking these drugs covers almost all the reasons why ethical dilemmas even exist. It gives you an advantage against your opponent hence better chances of winning. However, the effects of taking PEDs are pretty drastic on your body.

The drugs cause:

  1. Liver problems
  2. Blood clots
  • High blood pressure
  1. Irregular heartbeat
  2. Depression

Students are hence in a dilemma between choosing between their health and cheating to achieve their dreams. Many athletes in the past have fallen victim to this temptation, and the after-effects ruined their careers immensely.

Other examples, such as reactions to unfair referee knockouts, also cause ethical dilemmas. Such occurrences prove how athletes face many ethical dilemmas daily, with each bearing a different moral lesson.


Becoming a student runner is not an easy feat, and all the ethical dilemmas they face end up making it even more complicated. However, it all depends on the decision you make at the end of the day and how ethical they are.

Author Bio – Harry Butler is a content marketer and manager formerly very much in love with his job. A writer by day and reader by night, he doesn’t like to talk about himself in the third person, but from time to time he can be persuaded to do so.

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