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How To Choose Running Compression Arm Sleeves?

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Looking for advice on choosing the right compression arm sleeves while running?  Then you have come to the right place.

Running arm sleeves have gathered a lot of steam over the last few years.

Many runners, from beginners to advanced, don those sleeves on their arms while logging the miles. It’s a popular gear in the running world, and even elite runners swear by them.

There are many reasons to sport running arms sleeves ranging from improving recovery to enhancing comfort and safety during training.

In this article, I’ll share the full guide to running arm sleeves. More specifically, I’ll look into:

  • What are arms sleeves?
  • The benefits of arms sleeves
  • Research on recovery and performance
  • How to choose running arms sleeves
  • And so much more

Sounds great? Let’s get started.

What Are Running Arm Sleeves

Running arm sleeves consist of tight and elasticized bands of fabric worn over the arms in order to mainly improve blood flow. Some runners also wear the sleeve on their legs, calves, knees, or ankles—different runners, different strokes, and all that. These are designed to fit around and tighten your muscles to improve blood circulation ability.

These sleeves function like any other compression gear made from an elastic material.  They function the same way as compression calf sleeves, providing similar benefits but instead designed for the arms.

Nowadays,  compression arm sleeves are used by everyone from recreational runners to serious athletes and professional marathoners. In fact, over the last few years, compression arm sleeves have turned into a fashionable athletic accessory.

The Benefits Of Running Arm Sleeves For Runners

Here’s a list of why you should give arm sleeves a try.


The main reason runners turn to compression sleeves—and compression gear in general—is to help reduce and/or soothe swelling caused by longer runs.

The swelling is often caused by muscle vibrations and tears, which causes an inflammatory response.


Improving blood circulation in the compressed area speeds up the removal of lactic acid from your body, which, in turn, aids in the process of recovery.

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Improved Recovery

Running arm sleeves, as well s other forms of compression gear, are often used as recovery tools.

Compression gear improves oxygenation to the muscles, which aids in blood flow. This, in turn, helps remove lactate, which is great for muscle recovery.

This tool increases blood circulation, which helps remove lactic acid that builds up in your muscles while logging the miles. This, in turn, shortens the time it takes for your body to recovery from training and also reduces muscle soreness.


The other most popular reason runners put compression arm sleeves is to offer more protection on the go.

These sleeves can provide you with an extra layer of skin if you fall while running.

Sure, the fabric of the are sleeve may tear, but at least you’re not tearing your skin apart.

What’s more?

Wearing eye-catching or brightly colored arm sleeves can drastically improve your visibility on the road.

This is especially the case if you like logging the miles in the early morning or low light conditions; they will increase the odds of you being seen by other road users.

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Extra Warmth

Quality running arm sleeves are made with high-performance fabrics and are more comfortable than adding an extra layer or wearing a long sleeve shirt. The light and comfortable design equal more enjoyable running.

Protect From The Sun

Some companies are making arm sleeves primarily designed to protect you from UV rays—something your typical running shirt can’t do.

This sleeve can shield your skin from likely dangerous  UV rays when running outdoor. This is vital as too much exposure to UV rays can cause sunburns, cancer, and other skin problems.

You might be putting yourself at t risk from sunburn anytime you’re going out under the sun for longer than 30 minutes without applying any sun protection.

By wearing a pair of compression arm sleeves, you’ll provide protection for your arms against sunburn

What’s more?

If the sleeve is made of breathable fabric, it will also prevent heat rashes.

Extra Readings:

What To Look for In  A Compression Arm Sleeve For Runners

Here’s the good news.

Choosing compression arm sleeves isn’t rocket science. You can find plenty of models and designs in the fitness market—guaranteed to suit any one of your desires.

Here’s what to keep in mind when picking a pair of running arms sleeves


The most important factor when choosing a compression arm sleeve is size. Why? Because proper arm sleeve should not be too loose or too tight—or else you risk losing its overall impact.

Remember to check the size charts provided by the company to help you choose the correct size for your arm sleeve.

The Fit

The fit is another important consideration when choosing arm sleeves. Having proper fit can give the ideal amount of compression on the arteries and veins, which may allow making your training more comfortable.

Read The Labels

Not all running arm sleeves featured compression technology, and not all arms sleeves featured UV protection properties, so make sure to read the description before buying.

Ask the staff for help if you’re confused. You don’t want to end up with the wrong pair.

Even if compression isn’t on your list, you might as well get this extra benefit. You may need to invest a few more dollars, but it’s worth it. Believe me!


The material is another key factor when choosing the sleeves.

The fabric of your running arm sleeves should be able to quickly wick out moisture, whether it’s from sweat, rain, dew, or any other type. This will help you stay dry and comfortable while logging the miles, as you’ll be relatively bothered by sweat or body odor.

Choose Colors Wisely

Colors also matter when choosing running arm sleeves.

White, as well as other light colors, for running arm sleeves may get dirty easily, so you might be better off with some dark colors.

Want to look fashionable? Then make sure that the color of your arm sleeve complements your running kit—especially your t-shirt.

Check the reviews

Choose a pair with favorable reviews and a color you like. Even a popular brand may get negative reviews so remember to check the feedback before making any decision.

In some cases, the lesser-known and cheaper options might be a better choice when they already have raving reviews from satisfied customers.

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Buy more than one

Quality compression arm sleeves are not that expensive, so feel free to purchase more than one pair and see which one(s) you prefer. Having more than one pair can also come in handy for cleanliness reasons.

Running Compression Arm Sleeves – The Conclusion

Although running arm sleeves have a lot to offer,  sporting a pair won’t turn you into a super runner overnight. But it does help.

Feel free to leave your comments and question in the section below.

In the meantime thank you for stopping by.

Keep training strong.

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