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Cross Training For Runners

16 Things to Consider Before You Date A Runner

5 Mins read

Are you considering dating a runner? Then you have come to the right place.

Runners are some of the healthiest folks on the planet. We take good care of ourselves, and we’ve no shame in prioritizing our fitness and health over anything else—even human connection.

Sorry to say that, but it’s the truth.

So, if you’re going out with a runner (and you’re not a runner yourself), you’ve to know what you’re getting yourself into.

More things meet the eye when it comes to dating a serious runner—especially if it’s a serious relationship. I’m serious.

And before you proceed, I’d love to caution you – if you’re planning to get serious with a runner, think twice. Dating a serious runner isn’t the easiest thing in the world.

16 Things to Consider Before You Date A Runner

Without further ado, here’s what to expect when dating a runner. Some of these are quite positive, but just like dating anyone else, dating a runner has its shortcoming.

1. We’re Messy

Once a runner feels comfortable with you, they’ll wear their sweaty gear to have coffee or dinner with you.

Sure, during the early phase, we may care a little bit about how we look, but that will fade over time. So please don’t get mad if your runner date shows up in a sweaty and smelly running outfit. And don’t get furious because you cannot go to nice places.

2. We have A Lot Of Laundry

Are you considering moving in with a runner? Then you should be already comfortable seeing dirty running clothes and socks all over the place. This is especially the case if you meet one of those lazy runners—like me—who needs someone to clean up after them.

Won’t accept that? Then please don’t move in. stay in your own “clean” house.

Even when I try to be clean, I’m limited by time and energy as there are so many things to do between running, working, cooking, resting, and managing everyday life.

Life is busy when you’re a runner, you know.

Here’s the full guide to proper running gear.

3. Stamina In Bed

It should come as no surprise, but the stamina gained logging the miles goes beyond the miles. Plenty of research has shown that runners have a better sex drive than their non-running counterparts.

And the higher the sex drive, the more likely they’d want to make love to you.

Additional Resource – Your guide to running and sex drive.

4.We Are Happier

Although some runners may seem like the most irritating people on the planet, we’ve been proven to be happier.

And happy people make other people happier, so we’re more fun.

5. Scheduled Vacations

Are you planning to go on vacation with a runner? Then chances are they’ve already checked if there are any races in the destination. Many runners plan their vacations around a race: two birds, one stone, and all that.

Some runners can go on vacation without a race. (Learn more about how long is a 5K in miles here)

6. Healthier Families

Don’t take my word for it, but plenty of research found that running can make the entire time healthy.

One example is research that looked into 42 marathon runners and their partners and reported that although the marathoners were in drastically better shape than their partners, the partners were overall more physically active and healthier than most people.

That’s a good thing if you ask me.

7. Runners Live Forever

Not really, but you know what I mean. All those miles and fitness and health gains can slow the aging process.

Again, don’t take my word for it.

A study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine found that elderly participants who run regularly were roughly 50 percent less likely to die prematurely from diseases such as heart problems or cancer than those who didn’t run.

8. We’re Stubborn

I’ve to admit – this is not our strongest suit.

Runners—especially the serious ones—are some of the most stubborn, ambitious, and competitive folks.

After all, running embodies the competitive spirit. And runners are the vessels.

This might be a good thing as being competitive means that we know what we want and do our best to get it.

9. We Don’t Groom Nor Dress Properly

One of the most sought-after upsides of being a runner—or in good shape—is the fact that we already know we look gorgeous. That’s why serious runners have long forgone tons of makeup, designer brands, and that nonsense.

10. They’ll brain Wash you To Run

Do you hate running? Then get ready to change your mind when you date a runner.

If you’re going with your runner, they’ll sooner or later brainwash you into becoming a runner.

This happens to most people who date a runner. They’ll make you drink the cool-aid. I can pretty much guarantee that.

Additional resource – How to clean running shoes

11. No Weekend Dates

Love going on date nights on weekends? Then consider them off the table when you’re dating a runner.

The truth is, you cannot hold a runner down on the weekends. You might mean the world to them, but Sundays morning are sacred to running, and not just because it’s often race day. Hello, long morning run!

Instead, all you’ll get is an early night, boring food, and no alcohol—and no party because that runner got to be up early on Sunday.

12. We Use A Lot Of Acronyms

For the uninitiated, runners may seem to have a language.

That’s why if you’re dating a runner, you must get up to speed on the most common running acronyms such as DNF, PR, BQ, HR, PW, VO, LSD, and the sort.

That sucks, right?

Have you ever heard of those? Nope, right? Then no worries. Check my full guide to running lingo.

13. We have A lot of Shoes

At the time of writing this, I’ve over six pairs of running shoes in my house. And yes, I’m still using most of them regularly—depending on my mood and the type of run, of course.

Different runs, different shoes, and all that.

Some runners may have so many shoes that their homes smell like shoes. Not me, of course. I hope.

Additional Resource – Here’s how to dry running shoes.

14. Ugly feet

If you have any foot fetishes, this is the ultimate turn-off.

Runners are known for having “disfigured feet” and looking toenails. Serious runners like to have feet covered in bunions and blisters. Several toenails might be missing—or completely black.

15. We’re Happier

Most runners—at least those that I know—are more of the satisfied, relaxed, and happy folks.

How come?

Quite simple. Pounding the pavement releases food-good chemicals and endorphins. These are behind the famous runner’s high and are key for promoting a more positive mood.

16. We love To eat

Logging the miles requires fuel and lots of it. So it shouldn’t come as no surprise that runners are the type that likes to eat—and eat a lot we do.

Some of us may even use the training as an excuse to indulge. So please don’t judge.

16 Things to Consider Before You Date A Runner – The Conclusion

Thee you have it! If you’re pondering whether you should date a runner, then today’s post should set you off on the right path.

Please feel free to leave your comments and questions in the section below.

Thank you for stopping by.

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